how seo works

SEO Tips for Beginners – What is SEO and How it Works

Do you want to rank your website on search engine result page? Are you looking for step by step SEO (search engine optimization) guide? Do you want to know what is SEO and how does it work?

I have researched a lot and prepare this guideline for beginners like you. Remember, ranking on search engine is not a magical thing. You must work hard and pay a lot of time on SEO to bring your website available on the first page of search engine.

Would you like to get some tips from me? Shall I share a little bit of experiences?

how seo works

If yes, then read through this guideline. I have tried to make it simple and easy to understand so that you can get it. Even if you have not enough knowledge on SEO previously, you can start building a successful website after reading through this article.

At first I would like to explain you what is SEO and how it works? You know what, this question worth millions of dollar. It is one of the most frequently asked question of beginners. So, let’s have a clear idea about the SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. It is the process of by which webmasters optimize their websites to get organic traffic. In other words, we can say that SEO is the systematic and long-time progress of a website to get search traffic from search engine results.

best seo tips for beginners

SEO involves making some changes of the contents and modify them so that your website come to the first page of search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu etc.

Still reading this piece of guideline? Wait, there is more exclusive tips for you. Follow these tips to get your website ranked.

Publish High Quality Contents

After buying a domain name and web hosting, get them connected to make your website live. Once your website becomes live, write high quality contents for it and continuously publish them on your site. There nothing important than a high quality content.

To do SEO you should modify these contents. Without having good quality contents, your website will be nothing but a piece of broken basket containing unnecessary articles. Only good quality contents can make it acceptable and attractive to visitors.

Research for Appropriate Keywords

After publishing contents you will go to modify them. But, how can you modify them? What do you need to modify contents?

To make decision of what should you do now, read through it.

At first, I would like to say you to research keywords that are relevant to your content. To get keyword ideas, you can use some of keyword research tools. Some of the best keyword research tools are – Google Adwords : keyword planner, Ahrefs, MOZ open site explorer, Keyword revealer, Mangools, Keayword everywhere, KWfinder, Soovle etc.

Choose a Perfect keyword

When you have done keyword research, decide which keywords you would like to add to your content. Before choosing a perfect keyword, consider some of important points.

  • Choose the keyword that must be relevant to your contents.
  • Keyword that have a good search volume. Search volume should not too low or too high.
  • Keyword that have a low competition.
  • Among all keywords, choose a focus keyword.

Best seo tips

Optimize the Page Title and Meta- description

Use your focus keyword on the title and heading. Keep a good density of the keyword in the entire content. For this, as a beginner, you can take help of a very useful tool, YOAST plugin. Install it on your WordPress website and optimize web posts according to the suggestions of Yoast.

Make sure the focus keyword is present in the first paragraph. Put a suitable Meta description containing the keyword.

Use Appropriate Image

Use appropriate image related to the content. Choose images and try to make it unique. Put your website name on the image. Use your focus keyword as image Alt Tag.

Put an appropriate name to other images too. Make your web post attractive using smart images. Add feature image. Images also have good impact on website ranking.

Build Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most compulsory factor of website ranking. Optimize your website through building backlinks. While going to get backlinks, consider the domain authority, page authority, quality of contents, of the website from which your website get a link.

Healthy and good backlinks will help to rank your site up. On the other hand, bad links cause harm to your site rank. So be careful while building backlinks.

Continuously Monitor Your Website’s Performance

Ranking on search engine is not enough. After getting rank, your website may get fall down if you do not monitor and take care of it. As you are trying to bring your website ranked, someone also trying so. That’s why, when you give up monitoring, you may not know whether it deteriorates or improves its position.

Audit your site ranking continuously so that you can take initial steps when notice any down signal. To monitor website performance, there are lots of tools available. Use anyone of these and remain unstressed.

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