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GoDaddy Web Hosting

In today’s world, if you want to create a virtual existence of your company/brand, a website is a must. Without a website, your company will not create an authentic existence. So, Now the question is How to create a website? Right? If you want to create a website, first of all, you need a domain and a hosting.

GoDaddy Website Builder Review

There are hundreds of companies that are providing domain and hosting services globally. When It comes to the domain and hosting, the first name that has come to our mind is GoDaddy. GoDaddy is one of the topmost web hosting companies around the world.

No matter what if you have a small company or an individual, GoDaddy should be your first preference for website domain and hosting. They are serving more than 18 million customers worldwide (According to the report of 2018). Besides, they have 62 million domains under their management and now they are the largest web hosting service provider by market share.

Today, in this article I will discuss my experience with GoDaddy web hosting. So that you might get and an idea about them.

So, Let’s get Started.

Who is the Customer this Web Hosting Designed for?

GoDaddy is truly an amazing web hosting company. They have created a variety of packages for their customers. If you have a small company or a large business organization or if you are an individual, GoDaddy has web hosting service available for you. They have grabbed millions of happy customers globally and most of them are brand loyal.

People prefer GoDaddy because of their speed, security, and reliability. If your company website takes more time to take the visitors to the landing page, I would say it is a waste of time. Nobody will spend their valuable time and leave your website if it takes time to load your website.

If you create an online store with GoDaddy, it is completely free. They have a free website builder so that you can create your website within a short period of time. You have an opportunity to test their website builder and online store FREE for 30 days.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Godaddy website builder reviews

You might be a business person, so you know the value of time and money. If I ask you to create a website for your business, you should definitely ask me why you will do this? What will be the benefits? How it will work and on? If you are satisfied with my answers then you will ask me, It sounds interesting.

How to create a website with GoDaddy?

I have previously mentioned that a website will create an online presence and it will expand your business globally. If you create your website with GoDaddy, it is completely free and It will take a few minutes from you.

As you are interested, so here comes your last answer on how to create a website with GoDaddy website builder.

GoDaddy believes that, Designed for all, designed for you. If you want to create a website, you need a theme for your website. They provide you hundreds of professional free templates, from which you can select any one for your website and customize it according to your business needs. It will keep your website unique and different from other websites.

This website builder provides you the facility to design your website as you want. They have added lots of features to create your online presence in a professional and unique way.

From my experience, I would say that this would be the easiest way to create a website that anyone could ever imagine. Even if you have no knowledge of web design or coding you can create it. If you have knowledge of basic computer skills and how to use the internet, you are eligible to create a website with GoDaddy website builder.

How to Create an Online Store on GoDaddy?

online store with godaddy web hosting

GoDaddy is a one-stop shop for creating an online store. From Inventory management to checkout and payment processing, you will get all the facilities at one place.

  • Store Setup:

The store setup is very easy and flexible. You can add up to 5000 products and 10 images on each product. You can manage your inventories within a short time, with a few clicks.

  • Easy Buying Process:

As I previously told you that, GoDaddy is popular for its reliability, security, and speed, so they will secure you payment and accept all preferred credit cards including Apple pay and Paypal.

  • Shipping Process:

You can use your built-in shipping process. What you need to do is to add your preferences. It will automatically calculate the real-time carrier.

However, GoDaddy encourages its customers to complete their purchase. If any customers have any products on their carts, they send reminder emails to the customers to buy that particular product.

This is not the end. In the 21st Century, more than 1.6 billion people use their smartphone to shop from online stores. So, if your website is not mobile friendly and provides a smart and professional outlook on a mobile device, customers might not be attracted to your brand.


I have a solution for you. If you create a free website with this program your website will look smart, professional and responsive. You can manage orders from your phone as well. It is an advantage for both the customer and the owner.

Online Coupon! Seriously!!!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article till now and you are now interested to create a free website for your online store. Before doing that you need a domain. A domain is the heart of your website. It is the address of your online presence.

Most people are not aware of while choosing a domain name. They forget that this domain name represents their brand. Say for example if your brand name is xyz which is a clothing brand in California and you choose a domain name as

Always make sure to choose the shortest name possible for your domain. It helps to remember the brand name. Choose a name which represents your brand. Say for example KFC, Victoria Secret etc. This time if you buy a domain name, be careful while you are choosing a name.

Domain price actually varies. So, I have a gift for you all. If you want to create an online store with GoDaddy, please add the promo code “ADD PROMO CODE” before check out. You will get a .com domain at $0.99 USD only.

One Month Free Trial!

Godaddy website builder

For the last 8 years, I have been working with hundreds of clients. According to my experience, it is not easy to convince anyone of any product or service. But if anybody asks me to convince people about GoDaddy’s product, it’s easy. GoDaddy is providing one month free trial of building an online store completely free.

Yes, completely FREE. No Money is needed for 30 days.

You should definitely try this out if you are not sure that you could make it or not. I will say try it and you would love it. Trust me. My wife has her own clothing store that has been created with GoDaddy free website builder. Please click down the link below to sign up and get a one-month free trial:

Price and Features

Hosting packages have been designed in such a way, no matter who you are or what size of the company you own, you can buy the perfect hosting packages from them. If you are an individual and have only one website then I would recommend you to go for the economy package.

Godaddy website builder for free

They have other packages too like Delux, Ultimate and Maximum. To me, the Deluxe package is more suitable for online marketers. You will get unlimited storage and can add unlimited domains. However, it is also popular among their customers as well.

I would like to add that all the hosting plans have the following features:

  • One click installation of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto and other 125+ applications.
  • 24/7/365 Security monitoring
  • One click purchase for CPU, RAM, and other additional resources.
  • Flexible control panel
  • One-click setup for GoDaddy domains.

This is not the end. They have lots more features available to you. For more features click down the link below:

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder

You will find nothing in this universe that does not have both the advantage and the disadvantage. GoDaddy is the same. It has some pros and cons that no one can deny. You might say, ok it has some cons then I should not go for it, I will pick some other one.

But my dear friend, who hates that may have cons more than they have. Here, I have mentioned some pros and cons of GoDaddy web hosting services that you should know.


  1. It is cheaper than any other companies in the industry.
  2. GoDaddy manages its product integration very carefully.
  3. They believe to keep customers website secure.
  4. 24/7/365 customer support system with a group of expert team members.
  5. They have an improve little down time.
  6. Uses Custom Hosting cPanel.
  7. Step by Step guideline of installation provided for the customer


  1. GoDaddy asks for a restoration fee from their clients.
  2. In some cases, the uptime is not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Question

  • I need a domain from GoDaddy. How can I get it?

First of all, you need to decide your domain name extension like .com, .net, .org etc. Then you have to decide what will be on the other side of the dot. It could be your name or your business name. As soon as you decide the name and the extension search it on GoDaddy platform. If the name is available then add it to the cart and buy it. The domain will be yours.

  • Why Should I need a website?

In today’s world, if you want to expand your business globally, a website is a must. It creates an online presence of your company.

  • Is it possible to connect my social media accounts on my website?

Yes, you can connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and other social media accounts to gain more traffic.

  • If I create a website with a free website builder, can I customize it?

Obviously. GoDaddy provides you hundreds of professional themes that you can customize according to your business needs.

  • How can GoDaddy help me with my online store?

Creating an e-commerce site is very time-consuming. If you create your website with Website Builder, you need to add the products, payment process and shipping methods. If you are done with these things, you are ready to sell your products online.

  • Which web hosting will be the best choice for my website?

Well, GoDaddy has windows and Linux hosting plans for their customers. A web hosting plan actually depends on what your website is all about. So, if you want to run an online store the plan will be different and if you want to run a blog, the plan will be something else. So, I would recommend you to contact with their expert customer support for further help.

Final Words

Finally, I would say that in spite of some disadvantages, GoDaddy will be the best choice for you. Though this line looks like bookish lines I am saying this because I am a brand loyal customer of GoDaddy for the last 8 years. Whenever I faced any sort of issues, they were always there to help me out. Their hosting service is simply awesome.

However, the website builder is a great product of GoDaddy. People who have no knowledge of coding can easily create a secure, unique and professional website for their business.

I would recommend you to try their one month free trial on website builder.

Try it for FREE

It is high time to expand your business globally. Think for a while and decide. I hope you will not be disappointed. If you decide to try the website builder, try it and let me know how was the experience. I would love to hear from you.


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