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How to Build Backlinks in SEO: Link Building Strategies Revealed

Do you have a website?

If Yes, Then I am sure you realize the need for ranking your website in the search engine. Well, to rank your site on a search engine you have to demonstrate that your site is a good site. But it will not add any value if you yourself demanding a good one.

It is matter, what the others say about you. Basically, Backlinks are something like that. It is the inbound link from the other sites to your site.

Search Engine takes into account backlinks as votes for your website or contents. And these votes help to improve the ranking of your website in a specific search engine.

Suppose you are telling your contents are valuable, reliable, and useful for others. It is not considered by a search engine.  But each and every authentic backlink is considered a vote for your website and a search engine perceives it as your contents are valuable, useful and dependable.

Why Backlink is Important?

The concept of backlinks or votes is not a new notion. From the initial time, Google considered it a top ranking factor. In Google’s original algorithm it was known as “PageRank”.

From that time there occurred numerous times changes in that algorithm but Backlinks remains the number one ranking factors at present also.

Links are not only important for ranking but also for your users. Users can be driven to the relevant page through the links.

There was a time when the numbers of backlinks were considered for the ranking of a page. But that time is gone.

The recent Google algorithm update “Google’s Penguin Update” was built to measure the quality of the links. So the authoritative and genuine links are getting top priority now.

Therefore the quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity.

How to Build Quality Backlinks?

There are different types of backlinks. Some links give a little benefit; some links give huge benefits. There is also some links that don’t give any benefit rather hampers your website.

how to build backlinks

So in this section, I will tell you how can you build a quality backlink that definitely improves ranking. Just keep in maid that a single quality link is better than thousands of below quality backlinks.

To build quality backlinks you have to follow some specific criteria. Following these, you will be able to identify which one is a quality link and which one is below quality link.

Criterion 1# A quality link always comes from a trusted and authoritative site

No doubt here that a link is a quality link if it comes from a high authoritative site. Link from a high authoritative site brings high authority to your site.

Google measures the domain authority of the site from where you get the link and put authority to your site according to this. So what do you think, which one is more valuable, getting a link from ‘Forbes’ or ‘a random website’?

Okay now surely you are thinking how I can get links from a website like ‘Forbes’? It is now basically easy. Absolutely it is hard to do. Keep reading you will get the idea of making backlink from high authoritative sites.

Criterion 2# Use anchor text relevant to your targeted keyword but don’t use exact match keyword

Well, anchor text is the only visible text that contains a link, it is very very important. You should use the relevant anchor text to your targeted keyword. You have to be more strategic while making anchor text.


If Google can identify that you are pushing Google to give rank, it will kick you. Google penguin always tries to identify the spammy anchor text. So I will suggest you use the relevant anchor text but not to use exact match keyword.

Use the LSI version of your keyword. LSI (latent semantic indexing) means to use the synonym or related word rather than the exact match keyword.

Criterion 3# Getting links from the site that is relevant to your site

Are you building a link from a website which is not in the same niche as your site?


It has big importance.

Always build a link from the relevant site. For example, you have just published an article about a specific food, then you should build a link from another food-related site or recipes related or a restaurant website.

So the main point here always tries to build links from the same industry or the nearly related industry.

Criterion 4# Get the ‘Dofollow’ Links

Search engines basically ignore the nofollow links; it is up to the person who provides backlinks in his article whether he gives a dofollow or nofollow links.

backlinks checker for seo

Google’s penguin can go through the dofollow links and passes the link juice from the link provider site but in case of nofollow link this is not. You will be happy to know that most of the link in the web generally contains the dofollow tag.

You already should have known that only the dofollow link will bring value for your site. The links that are generally contained nofollow tag are given below:

ü  Blog comments

ü  Paid links

ü  Press release etc

Though nofollow links are not be counted by the search engine and not so important for ranking, it is also important for your site branding and for making authentic to the visitors.


You should keep in mind that whether it is dofollow or nofollow, you should always use the white hat method or fair method because of a black hat method will not bring any benefit to your site.

Criterion 5#  Do not get links from the same site again and again

Think like as real life that one person frequently telling about you “He is a good man, he is a very honest man, everybody should trust him etc”.

Will it be trusted by other people?

Basically not.

But if many people tell you that you are good, it will be really trustful. The same is in online. If you frequently get links from the same domain, it will be marked by the search engines.

Search engines, like Google, will punish you for this. So keep away from doing these things. Take the links from different domains, it will really help.

So these are the 5 most important criterions you should keep in your mind before building links.

Now I am going to reveal the most useful tactics of how you can build effective links.

Know about your Audience

Before building links you have to make a holistic plan. Think from the beginning. Without maintaining a good quality will not be able to go so far. Think about your audience.

Who are your present audience and what you want about the prospective audience? The targeted audience is the starting point of all businesses. Then you have to thinks about creating value for your audience.

Why your audiences come to your site? What you put in your site for them that is definitely value for them?

Yes, I am talking about the need for your targeted audience.

Make a list of your competitor’s sites

After identifying your targeted audience and their needs you have to make a list of the sites that are popular to your targeted audience. Observe the sites very carefully.

Read the contents carefully. As these sites are already popular to your targeted audience, So if you can get links from these sites you will be able to reach your real audience.

Create contents that are better than that of competitors

Content is the most important thing that why it said that ‘content is the king’.

You have to outperform than your competitor in creating contents. You have to invest more for content creation. If your content is lower quality content, you will not get links from those sites.

A reputed company or website will never provide a link to a below quality page or content. Contents are also important for attracting your audience. If the audience finds your contents useful then they will trust you.

So creating quality content is valuable for getting quality links and attracting targeted customers.

Make your contents As “Link magnet”

Contents that is worthy for others will get link automatically. Your content when is a great use for others, they will give your content’s to their pages. It will happen only when your content is really good.

link building strategies for beginners

It is not so easy task to do. It needs huge research, huge patience. So research online on how to make your contents into link magnet, there is a lot of writings about it.

Your contents have to contain some unique features that will be effective for the users or audience.

Go for Guest Posting

When you make the list of the websites and ready of your contents, you can go for the guest posting to those websites.

Guest posting is the only means of the authentic link building process. Already I said that 100 authentic backlinks is better than thousands of links. So instead of going for hundreds, it is wise to go for a quality one.

Guest post will give you an organic traffic boost.

You can also find the website that allows a guest post by searching google with a specific search string:

“Your niche”+ intitle: “Write for us”

This will bring the pages that the site owner allows to post a gust’s content and give links.

Build the broken links

To build broken links, first, you need to find the broken links (404 not found) of a website that is in your niche. Then you have to make content as similar to the linked one that is broken.

Then ask the site owner to replace the broken link with your content or page link. You can email the site owner asking the replacement of the broken site with your page link.

But you should not approach by begging to do this. You should make a good consideration for this. Let him know that you can find the broken links easily and you can help him by finding the broken links.

To find the broken links you can use a simple Chrome Extension ‘Check my link’. It will find you the broken links highlighting in red color.

 Link Reclamation

Link reclamation means the link you lost building it again. If some of the links is not working at present that you got previously, you should ask the site owners to build it again in friendly manner. You know building a new quality link is very difficult but reclaiming a lost link is easy. Link may be removed because of the admin updated his contents or accidentally removed etc.

Unlinked Mention

Whenever you find your brand name but that is unlinked, you will ask the admin or email him to give you link.

You use some tools like Buzzsumo and to find the unlinked mention of your pages or brand name.

  •  First find unlike mention of your page
  •  Check is it really unlinked mention
  •  Reach to the admin through email, write a polite request to give you the relevant link

Our Verdict                                                                                      

Basically, these are effective tactics for building quality links. You need to take time, make a good plan.

Because of building links will not happen overnight and never hurry for building links. Make a holistic plan and execute them properly. Maintain quality while building links.

You should keep in mind that you can increase your rank by building link and also can decrease your rank by building links also. Make one authoritative and quality backlink, it will pass high link juice and high authority to your page.

Do not build cheap black hat links by paying others, it cost your money and ultimately will greatly hamper your site.

If you know any better link building tactics, let us know by making comments.

Thank you.



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