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Guest Post – Top 5 Guest Blogging Strategies

To promote and spread a business to a wider audience, today everyone find the best solution in SEO. Guest post is a major factor to rank your website on the search engines. Advertising a business is expensive and requires a big budget. As small business owners do not have a big budget, they used to promote their business by SEO.

Without spending a cent, guest post can help you grow your business. Writing a guest post and make them live on other peoples website needs effort and time. But this strategy works well than the other in SEO.

guest post tips

Before going to write a guest post, find those website out who allow and want guest posts. It is better to write on those websites that are related to your website. You also should know what to do after ypoour guest post is published.

So these guest post tips will be helpful for those who are looking for ways to write guest posts and expand their businesses.

Find the Right Website

Find out the website that matches your website niche or contents. Look at the audience and visitors of that website. They could be your customer or influencer. If you do not find like this, skip this website as it will not add any benefit to your website.

Look where the site gets at least a good number of visitors per day. If the website does not get any visitor then your marketing will have no meaning. The blog site should be professional and have a good appearance.

Run a Research

Once you have decided to write a guest post for a website, before placing it finally, do your research on that website. Ask yourself and find the answers out of some of the questions that are very essential.

What type of contents are they publishing? Are they trusted and popular? Are they looking for or support guest posts? Could it be a good platform of your business? Could your ideas cover their blog theme?

Once you get all answers of these questions then attempt to contact with the web-owners.

Explain Your Ideas and Expertise

Contact with the web master. When you are going to approach for the final pitch of the guest post. You need to express your ideas and expertise in writing web posts. Explain your professional background, qualifications and demonstrate your business theme. This is an ideal way to get a good backlink from that website. This link will add a value to your small business.

guest blogging

While writing the email, show your professional expertise. Your email could be a sample of your guest post. If you have already published any guest post on any website, you also can send a link of them as a sample.

Follow the Rules

Different websites offer different rules of guest posting. Some may ask you about your ideas. Some may ask for the whole article in a single conversation. Others may ask for description of the whole idea with headlines.

Do not be serious about their terms and conditions. Just follow them all. This will prove your expertise and professionalism. Pay your attention in writing a well-defined article, and understand the interests of audiences. If you do not follow the rules, you may not find your post published.

Each websites have their custom guidelines. They will guide you where to fit the links of your website. Do not over optimize your post. It is wise to show the readers of your post that in your post they can find the solutions of what they are looking for.

Publish, Promote and Engage

All are ok. Now it is time to publish your post. Once your post become live, try to promote your content. Engage the readers to your content so that they can be audience of your website. Share the content on social media and other blogs.

If your content is shared on social media, it will come in contact with so many audiences. If other people share this, thank them. And you have a good chance of getting visitors and customers.

Keep track of your guest post. Find them reaching people out. If you catch a better idea than before, share it with the webmaster.

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