Godaddy web hosting review

GoDaddy VPS hosting Reviews, Plans and Pricing

When you are using shared web hosting for your website you may host the small business websites and blog sites.  But when your website is out growing in such a way that it gets heavy traffic consistently and your business is also growing, you need a more powerful hosting.

Shared web hosting always may not work well as your site is enriched with heavy contents. Then you should switch to another web hosting plan which is more powerful but affordable. In this case, I would like to recommend VPS hosting as it has better performance than shared hosting but less expensive than the dedicated hosting.

Godaddy web hosting review

It would be much better if the VPS hosting is found managed. It gives you more access to Apache and PHP, more freedom, and easy management of contents.

What is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is a type of hosting that is dedicated to you within a shared server. All the applications are made and managed only for you but using the same infrastructure on a server.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting has its own operating systems, bandwidth, and disc space. It can be customized as per the requirement of the users.

A  Virtual Private Server allows you to host websites that get a good number of visitors like e-commerce websites, media websites, and software applications easily.

Get a FREE Domain with GoDaddy $1/month Hosting

This is a limited time offer. Get a FREE domain (All extension including top level domain .COM .NET .ORG) with their $1 per month hosting. You will get unlimited bandwidth and 100 GB storage. There are two options to choose. i) Windows Server ii) Linux Server. I will highly recommend you to buy the Linux server. Because it’s faster than Windows hosting.

GoDaddy VPS hosting

GoDaddy server provides VPS hosting at an affordable price with reliability and trust. If you are already a valued customer of GoDaddy shared web hosting, you can switch to VPS plan through one click only then simply re-direct DNS. GoDaddy technical support team also helps you to migrate to VPS plan but it is a paid service.

The interface of this hosting plan is so easy and simple that a non-technical person can manage it. You need have any technical skills specially if you opt for the managed VPS plan.

Features of GoDaddy VPS Hosting

This hosting plan is highly secured, reliable, scalable, and super fast speedy. It gives you guarantee of availability, security. It is customizable too.

features of godaddy vps hosting

Easy-to-Use cPanel

GoDaddy VPS hosting provides fully managed cPanel. This is very easy to use and manage. GoDaddy tells their cPanel is industry standard. When you use it, you will love it.

Managed Services

You will be happy to see that the services like patching, security monitoring, and backups all are managed by the technical team of GoDaddy. So, you need not spend much time to manage these. You can focus only at your business.


You should not lose your data and work. Back up your data only at $4.99 per month for 50 GB. It is completely optional.

features of godaddy

MySQL Database

The most popular open source database is here. Who do not like it? Every server do need this database. Like it? Yep, MySQL database is included with all the Linux VPS hosting plans.

Server specifications

The host server has got the features – processor type: 2xIntel E5-2620v3

Processor Cache : 15 M cache.

Processor hard disk: 2x 600 GB hard disk.

Each multi-tenant virtual machine will provide –

  • 5000 SMTP email relays.
  • 1 SSL Free for one year.
  • Files and databases backups.
  • Linux with managed and fully managed cPanel.

Plans and Pricing

There are four VPS hosting plans for Linux server. All plans have some common features. Unmetered bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, and 1 year free SSL certificate is included with all the four plans.

godaddy web hosting

Economy Plan

This managed hosting plan is started only at $17.99 per month after 40% off. The regular price is $29.99 per month when you renew.

1 GB memory and 40 GB data storage space is available in this plan.

Value Plan

This managed hosting plan is started only at $21.99 per month after 45% off. The regular price is $39.99 per month when you renew.

2 GB memory and 60 GB data storage space is available in this plan.

Deluxe Plan

This managed hosting plan is started only at $26.99 per month after 61% off. The regular price is $69.99 per month when you renew.

4 GB memory and 120 GB data storage space is available in this plan.

Ultimate Plan

This managed hosting plan is started only at $39.99 per month after 71% off. The regular price is $139.99 per month when you renew.

8 GB memory and 240 GB storage is available in this plan

Managed Servers

The management level of each plan has three phases; self managed, managed and fully managed. The managed and fully managed packages are enriched with world class technical support. If you are a non-tech person, you need not hire a webmaster. The support team of GoDaddy VPS hosting will manage all of your applications and systems.

They will continuously monitor your data and network to identify and sort out any kind of problems and needs. Self managed package will give you the root access so that you can arrange your cPanel according to your needs.

Final Words

If you need more space and options, you can simply upgrade your VPS hosting plan directly from your control panel. Your entire system will be safe and you need not make any changes for this up gradation.

GoDaddy continuously adds and updates their server tools to give you more satisfaction and a great experience with your VPS hosting plan.

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