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Best Mobile Payment App Reviews

Nowadays mobile payment is one of the buzzing words. Mobile payment is a system that facilitates to do payment through mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Business is growing fast day by day and the mobile payment app is required both the seller and buyer. For that reason, we should use the best mobile payment app that does our life easier and secure. So, let reveal the best mobile payment app through this article.

Best mobile payment app reviews

When you are searching for a mobile payment app and you get a lot of suggestions. But you have to choose the best mobile payment app, based on some points and features. These points are device compatibility, direct bank account payment, fees, payment limit, international support, and also security. Here, you get the 5 best mobile payment app reviews based on these points. So let’s go till the final verdict.

Square Cash App

One of the best features of Square Cash App is sender has not to need an account, but the receiver has to need an account to receive the cash. For that reason, it makes a simple payment procedure. It is more popular in a small business solution. This app design with device and platform compatibility, personalized website, debit card facility, ATM withdrawals, integration with another payment app, e-commerce and P2P payment, and payment cancellation. This app charge 3% and 1.5% fees for senders and instant bank transfer respectively. Though it has a limitation of $250 spending per week, it is one of the best mobile payment app.


For the younger user, Venmo is known as a mobile wallet that launched in 2009. Venmo app is integrated with master card, Paypal, Google Pay, and apple pay. Venmo is the best mobile payment app for its social networking platform. When a user linked with Apple Pay or Google pay through Venmo card the social media world is in his or her hand. This app designed with device and platform compatibility, e-commerce and In-App payment, and third party integration. For e-commerce it cost 2.9% and $.30 per transaction. Though this app does not support in-store payment, it is the best mobile payment app for connecting the social media world within a single card.


The best feature of Zelle is to direct link with a bank account. You can transfer $2000 per day and $10,000 per month with affiliate and without affiliate $2000 per month. Another feature of this app is to send money in split payments. Zelle charges no fees for both sender and receiver. Though the Zelle app has a high limit payment feature, there are some cons also such as required US bank account, no international features, cannot use in-store and online purchase doesn’t support sending payment through social media. For larger transaction business Zelle is the best mobile payment app for high payment limit and direct banking facility.

Google Pay

Google pay is an NFC-based best mobile payment app that makes easy payment to your friends and family on a separate platform. It charges no transaction fees for bank transfers and debit cards. But for a credit card, it charges 2.9%.  The most valuable feature of Google pay is you can access any google product through this app. This app is most secured because it verifies by photo and QR code. Though Google Pay has a limitation in peer-to-peer payment, it is widely accepted with a multi-layer of security that ranked this app in the best mobile payment app.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay launched in 2014 and available in 17+ countries. The payment of Apply Pay is done my message or Siri. For bank transactions and debit cards, there are no fees but a 3% transaction fee for a credit card. Many grocery stores, Airbnb, 7-Eleven, Target, and large retailers support Apple Pay that makes your transaction more easy and comfortable. Apple Pay is successful to establish its motto cashless made effortless and this simple concept makes it the best mobile payment app.

Last Word

As long as we discuss the features and facilities of the 5 best mobile payment app and you should get your one. When you choose you should keep some points in your mind. Security, transaction facility, payment limit, and platform compatibility is key features to choose the best mobile payment app.

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