best document sharing software

Best Document Sharing Software

In recent years we cannot imagine a system runs without files or documents. Different categories of files are needed to share among us in regular daily life. For that reason, we need the best document sharing software that can do work more smooth. If we search in Google we get different suggestions for document sharing software. Among this, we have to choose the best for our purpose. When you complete this article, you get your best document sharing software. So be continuing up to the last verdict.

Which is the best document sharing software?

Today we have endless options to share documents among us. We can share any kind of files in the cloud as well as can transfer documents from one to another. This document-sharing facility varies from software to software.

When we choose the best document sharing software, we have to keep some points in our minds such as uploading and downloading speed, sync facility, cloud facility, cloud space, and pricing. So let start reading to know the 5 best document sharing software.


Flock software you can manage and lead your team in one place through team messenger and online collaboration. It is one of the best documents sharing software for business users. You can share your files with a drag and drop feature and also see the preview of shared files in Flock. The features that Flock provides that are team messaging, online collaboration, managing any kind of documents, drag & drop feature, team management, and search facility.

For a small team, you can start with the free version. But for midsize and enterprise we should go with pro and enterprise version with $4.50/month and $8.0/month respectively. So, Flock is the best document sharing software for a small, medium and large business.


Slack is one of the best documents sharing software for its smooth communication, collaboration, and files share. You can easily share your images, videos, PDFs, and other files through drag and drop facility. Slack provides you different file sharing facilities such as drag & drop option, workflow management, document synchronization, multiple searches, collaboration, messaging, and so on.

For small users, Slack is free. For medium, a large, and extra-large organization it priced $6.67/ month, $12.50/month, and customized pricing respectively. Slack is one of the best documents sharing software for its collaboration facility with other software.


ShareFile is in the list of best document sharing software for its secure and smooth file sharing. The best part of ShareFile is that it provides chosen 3rd party integration and you can real-time file synchronizing. The basic features of ShareFile are collaboration, messaging, electronic signature, drag & drop facility, version control, workflow management, and encryption.

It has four different plans like standard, advanced, premium, and virtual data room with $50/month, $77/month, $122/month, and $338/month respectively. But you can start with a standard plan with 30 days of a free trial.


Droplr is one of the best documents sharing software for its collaboration and remote working facilities. This software provides you customized URLs feature, screenshot tool, file preview, fast sharing, and third-party integration facility that boost your business. The best thing about Droplr is that you can report the bugs and send files from all kinds of devices with a short link.

Droplr has an individual that is divided into pro & pro plus and business plan that is divided into team & enterprise plans with $6/month, $7/month, $5/month, and $5/month. Droplr is in the list of best document sharing software for its screenshot and screen recording facility.


ShareVault gives an important facility to you that is document security and this thing makes it one of the best document sharing software. This document-sharing software designed with immense intelligence and quality control ability. ShareVault offers you messaging, encryption, drag & drop, synchronization, user management, and electronic signature facility.

You can start with a trial version. But Sharevault has Express and Pro plans with customized pricing. ShareVault is one of the best documents sharing software for virtual data room.

Final Adjudication

Finally, we get the 5 best document sharing software with their unique features and facilities. Hope that you will choose your finest one for individual and business purpose. Now your choice to choose the best document sharing software with advanced features by keeping this informative article in your mind.

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