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If you have a business, you need employees to grow your business. You can not do everything alone. You might say you can do everything but the output will not be good enough. It clearly means you need a group of people to succeed.

Now when you are running a business and you have a group of people who will be working for you, you need to pay them their remuneration for their work. If we look through some existing business, most of them have their manual payroll system which definitely delayed the payment. 

When you delay the payment of your employees they might be demotivated. So, what you can do is to use an online payroll system, that will make your payments faster than ever.

Which payroll system you should use? That’s what you are thinking right now? Well, today, I will be discussing an online payroll system that will make your payments faster and reduce all the stress from your head.

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Today, I will review an online payroll system called OnPay. It is an easy, simple, user-friendly cloud-based payroll system that will make your payments easier. If you have a small business and looking for a payroll system online, OnPay would be a great choice for you.

About OnPay

According to my opinion, OnPay is a business, not a startup. They are actually different from other online payroll services. OnPay has started its journey in 2015. Since then they have processed over $2 billion dollars in payroll annually.

OnPay has its specialized and dedicated team to provide the best possible service to its clients. They are offering a fast, intuitive, user-friendly system to help their clients with payroll issues. 

Everyday OnPay is trying to introduce something new for their clients. They are trying heart and soul and investing their time to improve their customer service, expanding into HR and benefits, and providing small businesses unsurpassed levels, etc.

Why OnPay is Different?

If you ask me why OnPay is different, I would say there are three major reasons for that. Firstly, OnPay will give their user a simple interface, easy-to-use facility. Anyone who has basic computer skills can use it. Secondly, OnPay has undoubtedly a superfast interface. No matter where you are using OnPay, it has a fast loading time and speeds up everything.

Last but not the least, OnPay will show you a preview of your payment before the payment is done. It will definitely help you to avoid mistakes.

I think these three reasons are appropriate to make any product different.

Why choose OnPay?

Choosing a payroll system is actually difficult. In most cases, you will see that if anyone has chosen a payroll system, they don’t feel comfortable to switch to another service. Because it’s a difficult task. 

According to my experience, I can assure you that you will think twice when you know these things about OnPay.

Best Payroll Service

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OnPay is offering the best payroll service in the market. They are providing top-rated cloud-based online payroll services for small businesses. OnPay has an expert team that will take a backup of all your information on their server. 

Account Migration

As I have said before Switching a payroll account is not that easy. But if you want to switch your account to OnPay, it was never that easy before. You don’t need to do anything. OnPay will do everything for you. You need to provide them some basic information and they will do the rest on your behalf. If any problem occurs during the transfer process, OnPay will take responsibility and they will solve the issue as soon as possible. However, OnPay will help you to migrate your account for free.

Customer Support

OnPay has an award-winning customer support team for your assistance. They are always ready to assist you whenever you need them. You can call, live chat or email them to take help from them.


OnPay is one of the most affordable Payroll services in the market. They are earning less revenue and providing the best services to their clients. They are also offering HR Softwares for free.

HR Tools and Software Integration

Undoubtedly, OnPay will give you access to several HR tools which will make your work life easier. Some of the tools are Automated onboarding flows, Custom personnel checklists, Document storage + personnel files, and so on.


OnPay has hundreds of features to be described. But there are a few that will actually help you to choose OnPay. 

User-Friendly Interface

OnPay is really easy-to-use. They have a simple interface that will make your work life easier. You can easily manage your payroll system by yourself. Even, you don’t need to train your employees enough to use it.

Right Payroll Services

No matter what small business you have, OnPay has the right payroll services for you. You don’t need to worry about that.

Employee self-service facility

This feature will make your work easier. It will save your time as well. How? Well, if you are using OnPay, your employees can do Self-onboarding, Change address and personal information, Pull paystubs, employment docs, and tax forms, etc. That means you can just relax and your work will be done automatically.


If we go through the current market, we will see that OnPay is offering the lowest possible price with the best service in the market. Their Price charging strategy is a bit different. It is divided into two categories. First of all, they have added a base fee which is $36UD/Month. It is applicable to everyone. Now on the second category, you need to pay $4USD/person based on the number of employees you have.

OnPay has a built-in calculator on their website. It will help you to calculate your monthly subscription fee. OnPay is one month free trial for their clients.

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