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Best 6 Social Media Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online

Do you want to know how people expand their business through social networks? Do you have any idea that a social media marketing can make a great change to your online business as well as offline too? See how you can generate real and targeted traffic and grow your business faster.

As social media has become an uncut part of our daily life, many people used to use social media as like a life-partner. The social media platform has become the most popular platform to share feelings, experiences, knowledge, things, and very recently the business and products.

social media user chart

Today, most of the internet users have one or more social media profile. The ratio between internet user and social media user is decreasing day by day. Among 4.021 billion internet users, 3.196 billion are social media users. More than 80% people in USA has a social media account.

This number is increasing and the social media becomes a part of our regular life.

As the number social media users are climbing up, it becomes a great way to get valued and targeted traffic from social media. Marketers now emphasis more on social media marketing to promote their offers and products.

What is Social Media?

Social media has become a revolution of 21st century. It is a type of application or software that are used to share and participate in social network. It is one of the best way of social communication. This technology allow people to create a profile and share their information, knowledge, careers, interest and so on.

The most popular social media is Facebook. It is the most used social media world-wide. It exceeds 2 billion users last June. Among other popular social media Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr, Wechat, Qzone etc are commonly used and have a good quantity of users.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the strategy of getting high quality real traffic using social media platforms and websites. It is a form of internet marketing where the marketing is done through creating and sharing contents on social media.

social media marketing tools

Social media feeds stories and news and discovery new contents. Social media users search for new stories on the media. Marketers use this search activity. Social connections also have a good impact on main search engine.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It is very tiring to continue sharing contents on social media. As there are so many social media, you cannot maintain all of them at a time. As a result you may fail to generate traffic from social media. Using a social media marketing tool can be a good solution of this problem.

Social media marketing tools will help you through continuous publishing of your contents on social media.

Here, I am going to introduce you with some of very useful and easy to maintain social media marketing tools.

Without further thinking, just pick one or more of these social media marketing tools and make your marketing way simple and easy.


buffer social media marketing tool

Buffer is one of the most popular social media management and marketing tools. It enables you to share your latest website content on social media. You can make a schedule of your contents and publish them across all the social media including multimedia.

It will optimize images and videos for different social media platforms. It will help you to follow up on your published contents and evaluating the effectiveness of posts. Even you can filter and rearrange as which contents will be published to which social media.


hootsuite social media tool

The Hootsuite becomes one of the best name and powerful tool in social media marketing and management tools. Hootsuite is the champion overall. They create schedule of time to post contents on different social media and analyze the results.

Hootsuite makes it easy to find, schedule, manage, and report on social media posts. They will help you grow your business to an extent of extreme success. They also offers 30 days free trial session to try their services out.

Sprout Social

sprout social media marketing

With the help of a right tool, any business irrespective of its size can grow on the internet market. But you should choose and get help from the right tool. I think Sprout Social is one of the best tool that can help you.

You can monitor, measure and engage with a lots of traffic using Sprout Social in social media marketing. It comes with multi-level access, a detailed analytic platform, full post scheduling capability, and access from lower level team members.


IFTTT social media marketing tool

The acronym of IFTTT is “ if this, then that”. Using this tool you can make a combination of different tools and create a customized schedule called “recipe”.

This recipe will help you to manage your schedule and minimize the small tasks that spoils your time.

IFTTT works through triggering an action when another action is completed. For example, you will get an email when a post is published on Reddit, get a notification when a post is tweeted on twitter to make a post on Facebook. Automation of these tasks can save your time and make it easy to manage all the social media contents.

Social Metrics Pro

social metrics pro

Social metrics pro is an awesome tools to keep track of social media posts. It is a great social media analytics tool. Social media pro focuses to the fact that social media analytics should not be too complicated.

Social media pro will give you analyzed and sorted data, import them on excel sheet. This plugin seems to be an essential tool to monitor your performance on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.


agorapulse social media tool

If you are looking for an automated social network marketing tool, then I will highly recommend you Agorapulse. When you need to publish your contents, make a schedule with the help of Agorapulse, and organize as an editorial calendar. The rest will do it. It will automatically post the contents as per your schedule.

Agorapulse is the most affordable tool for social network marketing. It is simple to use, easy to manage contents schedule, has all the desired features, and award winning customer support team.

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