a2 hosting reviews coupon

A2 Hosting Reviews – Coupons, Plans and Pricing

Are you deciding to make a website? Cannot understand where to buy a web hosting and which one is the best? Cannot find an affordable web hosting? This a2 Hosting review is dedicated to those people.

A2 Hosting has become one of my favorite web hosting providers. Whenever my friends ask for suggestion before purchasing a web host, I always recommend them the web hosting champion, a2 hosting. I have used different web hosts for the last few years. Honestly speaking, I am only satisfied with a2 hosting.

a2 hosting reviews coupon

A2 Hosting is a wide range of option for the customer because of their amazingly customization and cost control plans of shared and VPS hosting.  A2 hosting has become the best choice in the web hosting industry. People who wish to make a website and need a web hosting, primarily used to search for a2 Hosting as they are the best seller.

A2 hosting was formerly known as “Iniquinet” from 2001 to 2003. Then it is named a2 hosting. The slogan of a2 Hosting is “Offering service We’d Want to Use Ourselves”. How impressive the slogan is!!!

Features of a2 Hosting

The a2 Hosting has revealed some of the blazing features for their customers. The most important one is the super fast speedy hosting solution. A2 Hosting is the boss in providing high speed in web page loading.

a2 hosting features

Who would like a slow website? I think you don’t like it. Your website visitors also don’t like it. If visitors experience a slow loading speed, they may jump over to another website who are high speedy. So, do you feel the need for a high-speed web hosting? If yes, then find the best one I have recommended.

It’s my pleasure to show you that a2 Hosting has no hidden information. They have discussed their features and prices openly so that you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to buy an a2 Hosting plan or not.

Ultra- Fast Web Hosting

A2 Hosting says that their web hosting is 20 times faster than other web hosts. I could hardly believe this. But when I use a2 hosting, I can understand the difference.  I have experienced a superb speed. I think no other web hosts are able to provide this quality of speed.

Fastest Page Load Speed & Security Solution

The A2 hosting team is always searching for the new invention of the industry’s best page loading speed and high-security solution.

For this purpose, they have optimized content management systems and make your website page loading faster. For security, these content management systems are configured and customized by a2 hosting. The content management systems of a2 hosting are –

a2 hosting review content management

To make your website more speedy, a2 hosting offers you an extra SSD for FREE. It will help to make your website about 300 % faster than before.

For site and visitors security, SSL encryption is completely free with a2 hosting plans.  You need not buy SSL certificates. Thus you can save extra costs.

Guru Crew Customer Support

The customer support team of a2 hosting is well-known as “Guru Crew Support”. This is why that they are always at your service at 24/7/365. You may have a bad experience with any other customer support team in the web industry. But I definitely assure you about a2 hosting customer support team. They are just amazing and dedicated at all time.

99.99% Uptime Commitment

The A2 hosting team is committed to providing maximum uptime. I have found that the uptime is almost 99.99% on an average. Going with another web hosting, you may experience your website down. I could hardly remember their downtime.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Although they provide a high-quality web hosting service, they are looking for their customer satisfaction. For this, they offer anytime money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their web hosting service, you can claim your money at any time.

They will not ask you a single question or not force you to continue with them. So, I think it’s a very good feature of a2 hosting. You cannot get this opportunity from other companies.

Hosting Plans

There are four web hosting plans provided by a2 hosting. Below I will discuss all the plans and their features and pricing.

a2 hosting plans

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting plan. This plan is appropriate for the beginners and newbies as they have a minimum budget.

In a shared hosting, you can host a website for small business, blog post, and informative website. Shared hosting is basically less comfortable and powerful than the VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

The shared a2 hosting plan starts at only $3.92 per month instead of the regular price $7.99 per month. To get this offer Use code: ZIP51.

The features and services you will get in a shared hosting plan are –

  • Optimized content management systems WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magneto.
  • Super speed TURBO server, up to 20X faster.
  • Easy to use features.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is for those who want to provide hosting service to his own customers. A reseller hosting demands high cost than the shared hosting.

The reseller a2 hosting plan starts at only $13.19 per month instead of the regular price $19.99 per month. To get this offer Use code: A2SELL.

The features and services you will get in a reseller hosting plan are –

  • Easy setup and customizable individual hosting account.
  • Completely white labeled.
  • World class web hosting and WHM control panel.
  • Optimized content management systems WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magneto.
  • Super speed TURBO server, up to 20X faster.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting is more powerful and upgraded plan than the shared hosting. You can go for this hosting plan to get better experience and satisfaction of your visitors.

The VPS a2 hosting plan starts at only $5.00 per month.

The features and services you will get in a VPS hosting plan are –

  • More power than shared hosting.
  • Superb speed and security.
  • It is developer friendly. Customize it at your own choice.
  • More isolation option.
  • Choose your management level and systems as you wish.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting is the best option if you can afford it. It perfect choice for a big project website, e-commerce site, and a business website with huge traffic.

There is no other competitor of dedicated hosting. A dedicated hosting gives you high-quality website management, super-fast speed, the fastest page loading, and no sharing of hosting with other websites. This is only for you. SO it doe4s not cause your site down for a single moment.

The dedicated a2 hosting plan starts at only $99.19 per month instead of the regular price $119.99 per month. To get this offer Use code: FASTSRVR.

The features and services you will get in a dedicated hosting plan are –

  • Customize your server resources according to your choice and need,
  • Complete isolation of web hosting from another hosting.
  • Choose your management level and customize it in your way.

Final Word

If you have some time, take a look at their website. You will notice that they are dedicated to improve and modify their services to make their customer benefited. SO I would like to say that you should review their company timeline and find the best web hosting solution for you.

So, why are you getting late? Pick your web hosting plan today.


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