Best Email Marketing tips

9 Best Email Marketing Tips to Get More Leads and Sales

Every day while you open your mailbox, you receive lots of emails and news letters from many people whom you do not know. How these people reach you? Why they send these mails to you? Have you thought about it?

Yep, I noticed the matter. Companies used to send emails to their targeted traffic to reach out and motivate the customer to buy or get their products and services. This is known as email marketing.

Business industries and affiliate marketers collect bulk email addresses and send mails to those by using a software like Getresponse, campaigner etc.

You may have some questions like how to do email marketing. How can you start email marketing? How to collect the targeted email addresses?

I hope the following tips can help you getting answers of these questions.

Best Email Marketing Tips

Marketers should continue email marketing to get in touch with their audiences stay connected with them. Effective email marketing needs to make a good news letter that can be sent to your targeted email addresses to get the best conversion. Just sending emails should not your goal at all. Your goal is to send emails so that your audiences read it, click it, share it or recommend it to their friends and family.

Best Email Marketing tips

If your email marketing is not performing well this is because you do not go on the right way. You can’t do anything and wish for its better result. You should use your strategies to get the job working.

Collect Your Target Emails

Before sending emails, you need to collect emails of the people who are interested to your business. The way you are collecting should be clearly defined and should not spammy. Let the people know that you are collecting their emails.

You can collect emails through your website, sponsored offers, advertisement etc. From your website, use a pop up from to submit emails of the visitors. Let them know that they are submitting their emails willingly. You cannot force them for email submission.

Through sponsored offers, run a offer or advertisement on social media setting the interest of the people. Make them informed that they are providing emails to get the offer.

Once you get these emails, make a list of them.

Make a Short List of Your Subscribers

What messages you wish to send to your subscribers is not fact; the fact is whom you should send offers and messages. Whom do you want to target? Even if you already have a bulk email list, you should make a short list of those. Make sure the list contains those emails that you target.

The way you use to collect emails may be different. You should use a subscription form on which your subscriber can put their emails. Your email list can grow up with this passive sign up form.

You can also make your list through traditional ways. You can invite people to subscribe for your list to get news letter. Offer business opportunity for people and provide option to sign up.

Design Your News letter

Your email should contain an attractive news letter so that readers will be encouraged to open the news letter. Design your news letter and make it crispy and eye catching to get more subscribers.

Select a template and customize it. Choose light and attractive colors. Put a button or click option. One page design is better than the two page design. If possible, use your business related pictures.

Make Sure it does not go to Spam

If your email goes to spam folder, the open and click rate will be very poor. Make your email not to go to the spam. Make it real and faithful so that it does not look spammy. Avoid unnecessary use of over optimized and hyperbolic phrases.

Authenticating emails will help you get your emails in the primary inbox not in the spam. Authenticating means the email verifies that who you are. Email inbox providers like Gmail, Ymail, Outlook will trust your emails that you are sending and place them as primary emails.

Send Emails Regularly and Consistently

Make a schedule of sending emails. For this purpose it is better to use email marketing tools like Getresponse, Mail Chimp, Campaigner etc. These tools are very much helpful for email marketing. You can make a monthly schedule when and whom the email should be sent.

Get More Leads & Sales by email marketing

Thus you can save your time as well as get in touch with your subscribers consistently without spending a lot of time. Regular and consistent email will make your subscribers eager about your email. Gradually the open and click rate will increase.

Keep Your Emails Short and Clean

A long email can lose the attention of your email readers. Keep it as simple and short as possible. Clearly state your idea and offer. Put an engaging headline to attract your readers.

Use short paragraphs and add phrases relevant to your reader’s interest. Use bullet points, arrow marks to guide your readers.

Include Call to Action Button and Links

The purpose of your sending emails is to get traffic and offer your business deal to them. Let them know what you are doing for them and get a good conversion rate. Remember that if there is no click on your provided link means you cannot convince them to be your valued customer.

For this, put a call to action button or a link in your email. You should not force them to click on the link or button. Just inform them about the matter so that they click on it spontaneously.

Make the Emails Mobile Friendly

Today, people prefer using mobile device than desktop or laptop. So you should target not only the desktop and laptop users but also the mobile users. The first thing many people do after they wake up , is reaching their mobile phones for social media and emails. Almost 66% emails are opened through mobile device like smart phones, tablets etc.

You cannot ignore this huge amount of traffic. You should design your email mobile friendly to get beter response from them.

Keep track of Your Data

Once you do all the things properly and sending your emails to your subscribers, you cannot left them out of your eyes. Keep continuous monitoring of your data and track them.

Look at the results of the sending emails. How much it works? How people react to your emails? All of these data is to be kept at the close of your eyes.

Analyzing these later you can make decision of what type of modification you need to get better results and more conversions.

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