best digital marketing tools)

7 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business Online

Wanna grow your business through digital marketing? Wanna to get more traffic?

But don’t know how to do digital marketing? What tools can help you in digital marketing?

I am going to answer all your great piece of questions.

In this digital world, digital marketing kicks out the traditional offline marketing very badly. It is high time to grow your business online through digital marketing and make a good profit than you do make at offline business.

We, nowadays, like to buy products and services at home. People of this generation hardly want to go to market and spend their valuable time. For these reason, online business is growing up rapidly and at the same time the need of marketing products and services through online is increasing.

Marketing online is simply called as digital marketing.

best digital marketing tools)

Digital marketing can be done by content marketing in a website, video marketing in Youtube, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and so many ways. Depending on these marketing strategies, online career is growing up day by day. More and more job opportunities are being created.

Whatever, when you go to expand your business by any types of digital marketing, you need help of some tools. These tools are known as digital marketing tools.

In my previous discussion, I have explained some of useful email marketing tools. In this post, I am going to discuss about 07 great and working digital marketing tools that you need when growing your business.

Google Analytics

Google analytics, a data analysis service of, is a highly recommended and trusted digital marketing tool. It keeps track of every data of the visitors of your website like number of visitors, traffic source, conversion rate, demographic data, and your revenue for free.

             Google Analytics

Google analytics should be the first and most reliable marketing tool to keep an eye to your website’s performance.

It is a very simple and easy service and you should install it at the time when you launch your website first. Google analytics is called as the backbone of digital marketing. It is a great chance that you can use it for free from Google.

Google Keyword Planner

The best and perfect keyword research tool offered from is Google Keyword Planner. This tool is used to research and evaluate the keyword competition, difficulty, and worth of a keyword.

Google keyword planner

Previously, it was completely free to use and search for keywords. Now, to get results of your keyword search, you need to run a Google ads campaign first. Then you will get access to keyword planner.

Google Keyword Planner shows related keywords and search phrases of your target keyword, competition of the keywords, traffic volume, monthly search volume etc.


ahrefs seo tool

Do you want to get your website on the first page of search engine and get more conversion rate?

There is an awesome tool that is enough to guide you to boost your website and increase traffic volume. Yes, I am telling about Ahrefs, of the best tools for effective digital marketing.

Now Ahrefs is very popular to make a website ranked on SERP. It is used to dig all the website data out. Just put a web address to search for data, ahrefs will provide you all sorts of data that a website occupied.

It is very effective in finding website competitors, effective keywords to rank your website, other website’s information like traffic volume, ranked keywords, backlink profile etc. and give a complete guideline for SEO.

Open site explorer – MOZ

open site explorer moz seo tool

Like ahrefs, open site explorer is a popular tool that is mostly used in SEO (search engine optimization).  You can analyze the website data of your competitors and get tricks to defeat them.

This tool helps to express the ranking factors of other websites. The most common reason to outrank a website is building backlinks more than the competitors. So, if you can know the number of links your competitors build, you can defeat them by building more links. And open site explorer will help you in this purpose.


buzzsumo digital marketing tools

In the world of content marketing, Buzzsumo is the best tool to perform better than others. Buzzsumo analyzes website contents, social media contents, and blog posts to find out which topic is on the top of discussion online.

If you want to find out your competitors, Buzzsumo will be your choice to dig out who is your competitor. It will provide you the data of what type of contents are performing better and getting more attention of audiences. Buzzsumo will keep track of social media posts to find out what people are sharing and searching.


getresponse email marketing tool

This is an email marketing tool. It is used to send mails to previously listed and targeted clients. Getresponse is an awesome all in one digital marketing tool that helps you grow your business with your customers.

Automated email sending and auto-responder is a great feature of Getresponse. The landing pages and newsletters are designed and made attractive to get good click and conversion rate.

The Getresponse team offers ONE month FREE trial for new customers having no risk of charge. You can use this tool for one month and if you do not like it, simply can unsubscribe. No cost. No charge.

If you like it, then you can purchase. The prices of Getresponse plans are affordable and cheap. It starts from $15 per month.



This is one of the best email marketing technologies. You should use and implement email marketing strategies to get more targeted customers directly from emails.

Mailchimp will help you sending continuous and informative emails to your customers to get their attention.

The outstanding FREE plan of MailChimp will allow you to send more than 12,000 emails to 2,000 email addresses per month. That means you have got a chance to get in touch with 2,000 clients monthly.

With a free plan auto-responder and spam filter is not included. But when you get a paid plan, you can get access of these tools and boost your marketing.


Can you imagine one dedicated software will remember all of your passwords? Yes, it’s possible to remember all the passwords in one place. Try this tool for FREE.

Final Verdict

There are many tools for digital marketing. In the above discussion, I have tried to introduce you with some of the best tools that cover almost all area of digital marketing. Google analytics and keyword planner are free to use but others are paid service. I hope, very soon I will come with the discussion of only FREE digital marketing tools.

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