best backlink checker tools

7 Best Backlink Checker Tools to Watch Backlink of Your Competitors

Backlinks have a great impact on SEO and Google ranking. Webmasters who are aware of ranking factors of their websites, emphasis more on building backlinks of their high quality contents. Google has updated the ranking factors of websites. Among the important factors good and healthy backlink is one of them.

best backlink checker tools

While building backlinks, you need to keep a track of them. Are you looking for an awesome tool to track your backlinks? It is not only important to find your backlinks, you should also look for who is linking to your website.

Your website will rank down rather than rank up if it gets backlinks from spam websites. In fact checking of overall links both contents and image is required to prevent the website from bad and spam links.

How can you perform this? Without help of any tool, it’s impossible to track the backlinks. Even the tool you choose to use should have easy to use features and access so that you can handle it easily.

The following 7 awesome backlink tracker tools will help you monitor your website’s links.


ahrefs backlink checker

Among the backlink check and tracking tools, ahrefs achieve the #1 position and reputation. One moment you visit the ahrefs homepage, you will understand better what a great SEO tool it is. It is one of the best and most used SEO tools. It is the first choice of webmasters. It provides an in depth metrics of all data of a website. Ahrefs is the champion of digging all data out including backlinks.

The data provided by the ahrefs includes, domain authority, page authority, number of backlinks, linking domains, number of organic keywords, organic visitors, dofollow and nofollow links etc. In a word, it will give your all the statistics of your website. Ahrefs promises you to give the most accurate backlink data.

The amazing feature is that what text people used to build backlinks (anchor text) to your website. This text will give an idea that how your website is used and associated with that website. Although the price of ahrefs is high, webmasters love it because of its unbelievable and awesome features and benefits.

MOZ Open Site Explorer

moz open site explorer

MOZ open site explore is another popular SEO tool online. MOZ shows data less than Ahrefs. Especially for the back link. It shows People like it because it has free trial version. It is able to provide an overview of the performance of a website.

At the bottom of the MOZ homepage, you can see “Backlink research” option. Here you can discover so many backlinks. Research your websites backlinks from here. For more please feel free to visit MOZ open site explore.


semrush backlink checker

SEMRush is a great and comprehensive website data analysis and backlink tracking tool. It provides all types of data of a website that helps in SEO.  Every data provided by SEMRush includes a note. For performing link audits, SEMRush shows all links point to your website.

By using SEMRush, you can discover your backlinks, their quality, geo-location, and types. It is used to conduct deep link analysis and bring out all the backlinks data.


linkody backlink checker tools

Are looking for a backlink checker tool? Linkody is here to provide you the best service. You need not to check backlinks manually. This awesome tool will make it easy through automatic backlink checker option. As manual backlink checking is nearly impossible and it is time consuming too.

For this reason Linkody brings automation of backlink checking process. It becomes popular day by day. It has the ability to notify you when a link is gained. One important thing about this tool is that you can set email notifications up daily.

Linkody shows the URL of linking websites and the aim of the link. You also can see the anchor text and the type of backlink. The system is as like as ahrefs, MOZ, but is better than those who are looking for less expensive tools.

Cognitive SEO

cognitive seo backlink checker tool

Cognitive has all SEO tools that help you grow your business. It is not so popular yet but has more power in relation to other backlink checker.

To know the inside of a website, Cognitive SEO is a reputed tool. I like it best for its simple data presentation way. If yet not use Cognitive SEO, you should run a free trial offer to see how amazing the tool is!

One of the more useful feature of Cognitive SEO is that it can detect unnatural backlinks. This will help you break down the bad links and save your website from being affected. This tool also help you to send disavow files to Google after discovering the thin and bad links.


majestic seo tool

Another good tool for checking backlink is Majestic. It offers a free version too. Using this tool you will be able to discover the number of external links, number of URLs, referring domains, and anchor text.

Majestic has the largest collection of links in the internet world. It has nearly 1.5 trillion links indexed and stored at its database. This huge amount of you cannot access without having a premium account.


buzzsumo seo tools

Buzzsumo is a familiar name to webmasters. It is an all in one platform to research and apply SEO. It will deliver the insight data of your competitors. Buzzsumo will notify you if your content get any link from others.

You can use Buzz sumo to analyze the external links, link to social websites, and how many time your cotents are shared on social media.

Buzzsumo also help you in social media marketing by providing the analytics of social share of contents. Thus create and grow a market on social network.


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