6 Basic Content Writing Strategy that You Should Know

Content, the masterpiece of a website that makes the base of your online existence. No websites are made without content especially if it is a niche project or info site. Only appropriate content writing strategy can bring the success for which you have desired. As a content writer, you should specialize yourself in writing relevant contents for your website

What is your objective behind building the website?

Surely, to generate traffic. Right?

What things drive traffic? Why people will come to visit your site?

Do you think a little about this matter?

People search for and visit a website to get information on what they need. For example – you are reading through this only to gather a little knowledge about content writing strategy. Right?

Content writing strategy

Other people also do so. Websites are made to render information to people and get traffic. If your content is poor in quality, the traffic may not stay there. They will go for other sites to get the accurate and vast information.

Content drives traffic and traffic drive revenues. These three are interrelated and intertwisted. Good contents attract good and real traffic. Good traffic makes good revenue.  The more useful the content you write, the more traffic and revenues you will get.

So, it is very important to write your content focusing your traffic source and their choices and needs. You should write your web contents covering those areas so that it can meet the people’s thirst for knowing something about it.

I feel happy to learn new dimensions and strategies to write content and generate traffic from those. It’s my pleasure to learn continuously even while am writing this content. I always like to focus on my reader’s choice and try to help them get some information from my writing.

To write a quality content and make it loved by people, some small strategies can help you. There is no need for doing so much hard work. Only following simple but amazing tactics will make a change in your writing.

1.      Set Your Targeted Traffic

First of all, you should decide what you will build your website? Who is your targeted traffic? For whom will you write for?

Once you have set your goal of who will be your website traffic, you can easily identify the choices and needs of your traffic. Your web content should be according to the needs and interests of your targeted traffic.

If you don’t know who is your target how will you determine their interests and choices? So, your first step is to find your area of targeted people.

Your purpose of writing content is to get the attention of your audiences to your website.

2.      Write According to the Interests of Your Web Traffic

Make a research of what people are looking for that relates to your website content. Find the people’s interests and search terms using different keyword research tools to get an idea of on which topic you should write.

If your website is focusing on those people who are looking for reviews on a laptop, you should write review content on different laptops.

Your web visitor will find it on Google search and read your content.  If you write a review on a mobile phone, the visitor will not read it as it does not meet his need of getting information about a laptop.

Content writing strategy web tarffic

Many times I research on my websites for the keywords of how people find them on their search results. Then I emphasis and focus only on those keywords and write my content using them.

Sometimes I also search on Google and get suggestions from Google of what people also search for relating to my website. Then I write on these topics to help my web visitors find some information relating to their search.

3.      Clarify Your Message in the Content

No matter what you are writing, ensure that what you want to say in your content is clearly stated. The message and information you want to share through the content should be very clear to understand. Use terms that are relevant and easy to understand.

If your audiences do not get your message, your purpose of writing is in vain. Your content should meet the expectations and needs of your readers. People would like to read those contents which are able to render their messages clearly.

4.      Break Your Content into Small Pieces

A rage paragraph is boring to read. Readers will lose their attention and interest to read through a content of one paragraph having no break. A short paragraph makes the content flexible to read and the main points easily come to the sight of readers.

Personally, I also dislike a content which has no separate, short paragraphs. Contents which are divided into small chunks can flow into different patterns of presentation and engage the readers in it.

Make your content break into small pieces of paragraphs. Try to keep two to three sentences in each paragraph. Start the paragraph with a tempting word or sentence. Keep a sticky sentence at the end so that the reader will be encouraged and influenced to read the next paragraph.

5.      Add a Verdict at the Beginning or End

While writing content on a specific topic, make a short review or summery on it. Place the summary paragraph at the beginning or at the end. This summary will explain the overview of your content at a glance.

The summary should cover all the areas of your content. It is better to write the summery in small sentences and using transitional words.

6.      Check for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

After finishing the content, check it for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Google dislikes those contents having a massive grammatical error.

To check for grammatical error, you can take help of “ Grammarly”, an awesome tool which will find your error out and suggest an appropriate correction.  Professional content writers always use this tool for higher accuracy in the grammatical error.

Spelling mistakes will cause harm to your website by redirecting your visitors to another website.


As a content writer, you should have enough knowledge of the topic on which you are writing. Before publishing it on your website, check the content whether it needs to improve any dimension or not.

A good knowledge of English helps you to lower the error and write a perfect piece of content. If you need the help of any tool, use it. This will increase your professionalism in writing and make you do less error in the future.

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