Best Free Keyword Research Tools

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

After building a website, our first goal is to rank the website on search engine result pages. When the website becomes a niche project, it will get the most important priority. Web master then follow a strategy, called SEO (search engine optimization). The heart of SEO is keyword research. Without proper keyword research, SEO is impossible. To research for best and suitable keywords, you should get help from good keyword research tools.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Building a website goes through many processes. Buying a domain and web hosting, connecting the domain with the web hosting, choosing a perfect theme, developing the website, writing and publishing contents on the website, and then marketing are very common tasks in building a niche website.

When you go to write and publish contents, you should keep in mind that your contents should have enough quality to rank on search engines like Google.  To make your contents qualitative, you must do keyword research to optimize your website.

First, let me explain, what keyword research is.

What is Keyword Research?

In a niche website, content writers focus on a specific keyword or topic to write an article. The selected keyword is one of the main factors on SEO.

If the keyword has low competition and high search volume, then it works much better to get your website ranked on search engine. The high competitive and low search volume keywords do not perform well.

But how will you consider a keyword good or bad performing? How can you monitor keyword competition and search volume?

When you study on a keyword to look out its competition, search volume, cost per click rate etc. is known as keyword research.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

How will you do keyword research? Where can you research keywords?

To research keywords, you can use some tools that are designed for looking up of the keywords. Keyword research tools are generally paid service. There are a few tools that will provide you keyword research for free.

Such tools are not as good as the paid tools. Paid keyword research tools can give you thorough and in depth data of a specific keyword. Free tool will not provide in depth data but will be helpful for beginners who cannot afford the cost for paid tools.

Some of the free keyword research tools are –

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool provided by Google Adwords. It should be the top and best choice of newbies. It can be your best buddy in the field of keyword research to grow and develop high quality contents.

You can input a keyword and search for related keywords, monthly search volume, CPC, and keyword competition. Before, it was used to show exact numbers of monthly search. Now, it gives a vague idea of search like 10-10K per month.

The benefit of using keyword planner is that it provides information directly from Google. So, the accuracy of the information is high. It is simple and easy to use. There is a window where you should put the keyword. It will give all the available keyword ideas related to your given keyword.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Do you want to get a new keyword? This amazing tool permits you generate new and uncovered keywords from existing list. It makes easy to find out creative and new keywords. When I saw this tool, I was surprised seeing the performance of this tool.

There are three columns where you should put different keywords. Then click on generate permutations. Get surprising results. A list of new keywords has been generated. If you are looking for some creative keywords, ask help from this tool.

Google Suggestions

I am not joking. Are you surprised hearing Google suggestions as keyword research tool?

I am very serious. This is very good tool to find long tail keywords. See how it can help you get keyword ideas.

When you search on Google, you can see some phrases under the tag “ People also search for”. These search terms are genuine and have minimum search volume. You can use these phrases as long tail keyword in your web content.

Keyword Shitter

You have not ever seen such an awesome tool that can extract keyword ideas without spending a lot of time. You need to put just your seed keyword on the search box and then click on the “Shit Keyword” button.

Wait and see how much keywords are waiting for you. It will automatically generate keywords that are relevant to your seed keyword. It will run and continuously generate keywords unless you stop this.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a popular free keyword research tool. It is a free addon for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. The most beneficial feature is that it provides different search data for different websites like Google, Amazon, Keyword Shitter, eBay etc.

When you search with a keyword on Google, it will show the search volume, CPC, and keyword competition on Google for that keyword. It is one of the most reliable tools. The data provided by Keyword Everywhere are accurate in terms of total search number and completion analysis.


As keyword is a major ranking factor of a website, you should publish your web content after proper research. These free tools will be helpful for beginners. But when your website grows and develops, you should try to use paid tools to get in depth data and the best results.

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