15 best places to travel in the world

15 Best Places to Travel in the World

When it comes to talking about traveling I actually become very excited. I am a backpacker and I love to travel a lot. Once I read a quote that you should have three hobbies. One is to make you money, one to keep you in shape and the one to be creative.

I must say traveling helps you to refresh your mind and helps you to be creative. When you travel a lot, you meet people, you will be able to absorb a new culture.

Enter a full address to search through our entire database of records. It always refreshes my mind and soul and this is the only reason why I always encourage people to travel.

Over the years, I have traveled to almost 25 countries and I never share my experiences with my audiences before.

15 best places to travel in the world

So, I decided to create a website and share my stories with everyone. I want to do it because the human is temporary but the website is permanent.

If I will be no longer in this beautiful world, my family will maintain it. The stories of my journey will remain forever. Let’s forget the emotional part of the story now.

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Today, I would love to share content on the best places to travel the world. This is a complete research content.

Among them, I have already visited some of the countries. I will share my experiences too.

I will share the best 15 places to travel around the world.

Let’s not too much and start our journey to the story.

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1.  Paris

Paris is the most famous and the capital of France. When you asked about Paris the only thing that comes to our mind that it is a combination of art, history, culture, and tourism. Since the 17th Century, It is known as one of Europe’s major center for fashion, commerce, finance, science, and arts. There are lots of places to visit in Paris. I will mention a few that you should definitely visit once in a lifetime.

Eiffel Tower

All of you know about the Eiffel Tower. To All of us, it is the symbol of France. It is a wrought-iron lattice tower in Paris, France. It was founded in 1887. Eiffel Tower looks amazing at night. I would recommend you to see the amazing view of Paris from Eiffel Tower during sunset. The moment you should never miss.

Louvre Museum

It is the world’s largest museum and a historical monument in Paris. It is the central landmark of the city. You can buy your tickets online to visit the museum.

Arc de Triomphe

It is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. It was formerly known as de l’Étoile. Arc de Triomphe was created to show respect to the martyrs who died in the battlefields. If you visit there, you can climb on the top and there you will find a gift shop and lost historical facts. I hope your climb will be time worthy.


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If you are traveling with your family, I would recommend you to take your children to Disneyland, Paris. It has family-friendly rides, costume characters, shows, hotels, and lots more.

2.  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

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Yellowstone National park in Montana and Idaho is a must to visit once in a lifetime. You will be amazed by the stimulating colors of Yellowstone for sure. It is the first national park in the U.S. and also known as the first national park in the world.

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its wildlife and some geothermal features. You will find hundreds of mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles.

Besides, you can see the beauty of the deep blue lake, rocky mountains with a combination of red and blue, and some unique species of plants. It is one of the most amazing places I have visited date. I would recommend you to have this place in your bucket list.

3.  Rome

Pizza, Pasta, Gelato, and lots more delicious foods name come to our minds when we heard the name of Italy. Right? All the delicious foods you will find in Rome. It is the capital of Italy and Rome has lots of ancient and historic places to visit which highlights the arts and history.


It is also known as Flavian Amphitheatre. Colosseum is the largest amphitheater that has ever built. It is situated on the east side of the Roman Forum. It is known as the Iconic ancient Roman gladiatorial arena.

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is situated in the Trevi district in Rome. It has a height of 26.3 meters and 49.15 meters wide. This fountain is the largest fountain in the city and also known as one of the most famous fountains in the world.

The Roman Forum

It is basically a rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings. It is situated in the center of the city, Rome. The environment is amazing.

4.  London

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London is a city of cultural and historical institutions. It has lots of family and friendly attractions, festivals and nightlife. It is the best tourist place for the young and old. For tourists, they have arranged transit features, like buses, tubes, etc. You will also find vacation rentals to expensive hotels for accommodation. I will discuss some of the places you should visit but don’t forget to leave London without having a curry of fish and chips with a pint at any pub. It’s simply amazing and Delicious.

Big Ben

When we talk about London, the first thing that has come to our mind is Big Ben. It is also known as the Great Bell of the clock, situated at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. It is definitely a worth Visit.

Buckingham Palace

It is the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom. It is situated in the City of Westminster. Sometimes, Buckingham Palace is the center of state occasions and royal hospitality. Though the royal persons live here and it is also an administrative headquarter but it is open for the visitors for a certain period of time. You can check the time online.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Coca-Cola London Eye is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. It is a popular place among tourists. Every year around 3.6 million tourists visit this place. London Eye is located on the South Bank of the River Thames in London.

5.  South Island, New Zealand

If you are looking for a breathtaking natural landscape with lots of adventures, you should definitely visit South Island in New Zealand. You will find lots of outdoor opportunities. You can discover the whole area with a helicopter, enjoy different kinds of wildlife like penguins, whales, etc. South Island has many lakes and that gives you an opportunity to kayak, sailing, hiking, and lots more.

6.  Phuket, Thailand

If you visit Phuket, it will give you a taste of exotic Thailand. It is the largest island in the country, I would recommend you not spend most of your time on the sea. Spend some time to visit the flavorful culinary beauties of Phuket. You can visit Patong, Karon Beach, Phuket Fantasea, Big Buddha, and lots more places.

7.  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This national park is situated in northwestern, Arizona, the U.S. It is one of the most famous national parks in the U.S. Around 6 million people visit this park annually. This national park is popular for the colorful rock formations stretching across 278 river miles. Besides, if you are an outdoor fun-loving person, this place is for you. You can go hiking in the rugged North Rim trails, rafting down the Colorado River, etc.

8.  Dubai

I think I don’t need to give an introduction to Dubai. It is the city of the tallest buildings. When I visit Dubai for the first time, I was out of the world. You can see the largest shopping malls, the only ski resort in the world, etc. If Dubai is not in your bucket list, have it now because everybody should visit at least once.

9.  New York City

New York is such a city, where you will discover something new, every time you visit there. There are lots of places to visit, On the other hand, New York is famous for its food options. I would recommend you to taste different types of foods there and I can assure you won’t be disappointed.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Impressive architecture and delicious foods are the two major reasons why travelers should visit at least once. There are some amazing places in Barcelona that you need to check out. Besides, you can taste tapas and different types of seafood there. Moreover, you can spend time on the beach and if you are a Barcelona fan you can cheer them up at Camp Nou Stadium.

11. Santorini, Greece

I always say that the Greek destination is always the best destinations to visit and if you miss the sunset in Santorini, you will definitely miss a golden opportunity. If you visit Santorini, you will see colorful black and red sand beaches, ancient ruins, several wineries and so on. The cliffside whitewashed buildings that line the brilliantly blue caldera is actually attracting most of the travelers.

12. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the amazing destinations for vacation. You can see beaches, volcano, golf courses and many beautiful things here. Besides, you can do snorkeling here as well. Meanwhile, you can do a road trip to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hawaiian island.

13. Sydney

Sydney is the largest and most populous city in Australia. It is famous for the Sydney Opera House. Rather than that Sydney offers different attractions for travelers so that they can enjoy their vacation properly. Some of the places are Sydney Harbour beach, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Royal Botanic Garden, and so on. You can also do outdoor activities like snorkeling, surfing here. Some must be visited places are mentioned below.

14. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a country which is the best for food and travel. People love to travel to Hong Kong for four reasons Hong Kong has family-friendly attractions, historical sites, glittering skies, and the dynamic food scene. If you have already visited Hong Kong and did not taste Dim sum, stir-fry, and pineapple buns, I think you should go there to taste it otherwise it will be missed for a lifetime.

15. Peru

Peru is the home of the Amazon rainforest and Macchu Picchu. If you are an adventurous guy, Peru will be once in a lifetime trip. Peru is also famous for delicious foods like Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Aji de Gallina, etc.

Final Words

If I start to mention all the best places to travel, it could be like an ebook. Though I have mentioned 15 places to visit in the world. I will write content with travel plans for separate countries. I hope you have enjoyed the article. Feel free to share your experiences with me so that I can mention it on my next content. I will come back with another content soon. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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