Hire a Professional Writer on Fiverr

Hire a Professional Writer on Fiverr

Fiverr is the perfect place to hire freelancers that will do pretty much any type of service… from marketing, over programming, video, photo and audio editing to a million different types of content writing… whatever you need, you will probably find on Fiverr, for very cheap.

Fiverr is called Fiverr because a lot of freelancers offer different types of gigs for only $5.  So Fiverr comes from a “fiver”.

If you are in need of someone to write for your business, maybe write blog posts for your website, CV’s, social media posts and articles, Fiverr is the perfect place to find that! And it is much cheaper than employing a writer in the usual way.

But, like in every type of profession, there are always some people that simply do it better than the others.

Here are some tips on how to employ the best possible professional writer on Fiverr.

Look at the Seller’s Rating.

So, sellers on Fiverr can be No Level, Level One, Level Two and Top Rated. Naturally, the higher the level, the higher the quality (of course, they are exceptions to this rule).

But also, the higher the level, the higher the prices are. So, take that into consideration and then go with your needs and budget. If you have more to spend and need guaranteed good products and have no time to lose, go with a seller that has a higher rating.

If you have a smaller budget and if you have time for revising with the seller, go with someone who has a lower seller rating. They are not bad writers by any means, they have just not been around for long enough to get to the desired higher seller level.

Look at the Reviews.

That is why reviews are there. Before purchasing from a seller, make sure that you look at all the reviews that the seller has on all of his/her gigs. Pay attention to what other buyers have to say about that particular seller’s communication skills, the willingness to make changes, if his/her delivery is on time, provided research, etc.

If you see a Few Bad Reviews, it’s ok.

It is unreal to think that every seller will have all five-star ratings. Some people just do not work well together. A few bad reviews can mean miscommunication, cranky buyers, or simply a seller’s bad day. If you notice more than a few bad reviews, that is a red flag.

Ask for Previous Work Samples.

When you find the seller that provides the writing services you need and he/she seems nice, contact him/her before purchasing for the first time. Be nice and polite, and ask for some previous work samples that relate to the type of writing you need.

So, if you need, let’s say, blog posts about food, ask the buyer to provide you with the most similar thing that he/she as wrote in the past. When you receive the document, check it out. Look for grammar mistakes and check it for plagiarism.

Those two things are crucial when looking for a good writer: you need him/her to write his/her own material, and you need him/her to do it correctly.

All in all Fiverr is the perfect place for finding good services for cheaper. And we all like saving. But, be smart about it. Do not rush and follow our tips and you will be golden.

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